Sanctification on a Ski Slope

Written by Kris Wilder, Ministry Assistant “Bend your knees” “Weight on your shins” “To turn left, turn your right ski left” “To turn right, turn your left ski right” “And don’t forget to put all your weight on the ski you are turning” “Fall to the left or right, not forward or backward” “If you […]

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Eternal Life Starts Now

“There are only two things in this life that are eternal: the Word of God and the souls of men.” A passionate camp evangelist repeated this phrase over and over again urging the audience to consider an investment. “Do you want your life to be significant? Invest in those two things.” As I sat there […]

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2017: A Good Year…for Reading!

For me, 2017 was a banner year when it came to reading.  All said and done, I read more this year than any other year in times past.  As they say, “Readers are leaders.”  This is a good time of year to set goals for the upcoming year, and so here are the top books […]

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Our purpose is to make much of our Lord Jesus Christ and His gospel through the preaching of His Word and the making of disciples. At Friendship Baptist Church (FBC) we teach the Bible in order to facilitate spiritual growth in all of God’s people and to provide opportunities for Christian fellowship. God has graciously used Friendship to further His work both locally and across the globe since 1965.