Ladies Retreat at Camp Caraway

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June 7, 2019 – June 8, 2019 all-day
Caraway Conference Center & Camp
4756 Caraway Mountain Rd, Sophia, NC 27350

You can register here, or Registration Forms are available at Member Services.

Please register and pay your balance by Sunday, March 31, 2019.

In our busy, convenience-oriented society, it is easy for us to rationalize our way out of looking for more ways to serve. The truth is, don’t we become pretty skilled at justifying our current “servant status” (whatever that happens to be) by calling it sufficient? With the example of Christ before us, however, and by His grace, it is good for us to examine our hearts once more and see if we are at least open to serving–serving in a new way, perhaps, or maybe just serving with a new attitude. 

Are our hands open to do service, even if we sense our own mediocrity?

Are our hearts open to love others, even those who seem undeserving?

Are our homes open for hospitality, despite the overflowing calendar?

Friend, are we really open?

The Lord is infinite in His goodness to us; let’s identify what we may have closed off and, for His sake, open it for His use.

The theme of our Ladies Retreat this year is “Open Doors.”

Please plan to join us!  We pray that relationships will be formed or strengthened, that we will encourage and provide accountability for one another, and that we will grow closer to Christ together.  

Contact Debi Brondyke, Michelle Hamann, Annalisa Houghton, or Heather Jones for more information.

Come join us!

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