Adult Bible Fellowship Electives

  When: 11/10/2019 at 9:45 am to 11/10/2019 at 10:45 am
  Contact: Pastor Bob DeAngelo for more information

Adult Bible Fellowship ELECTIVES | November 10 & 17, 2019

Regular Adult Bible Fellowships will be taking a break!  On November 10 & 17, you will have the opportunity to attend one of the elective classes listed below.   Classes will start at 9:45 am.

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Communicating the Gospel  |  Thomas Bluemling  |  Rm A-35

We yearn to speak the gospel and see many people believe in Jesus when they hear us speak. In this two week session, we will first cover the essential elements of a faithful and complete gospel message.  From there, we will learn effective techniques for transitioning from normal conversation to the gospel.

Heaven…What the Believer Has to Look Forward to! | Oscar Joyner  |  RM A-32

We all have various thoughts about what Heaven will be like, but realistically, what will it be like?  Have you pondered that question? Can we know?  Do we have insights from the Bible, or is it a complete mystery?  While we cannot uncover all the depths of what Heaven will be like for the believer in two short weeks of ABF, we can get some real insights to what you and I have to look forward to.  What comfort that brings! Plan to join our study during the upcoming ABF electives to learn more!

Earning the Right to Be Heard: How Hearers Become Doers of the Word |  Dr. Steve Scheibner  |  MPR

How can we become true “doers of the Word” in the spirit of the book of James? Learning to embrace counter-intuitive truths and go the extra mile will earn you the right to be heard in an increasingly noisy world.

When God is Silent  |  Rachel Vradenburgh |  Chapel

How should we handle times when we don’t feel like God is answering our prayers?   What are the possible reasons for not hearing from God?  What should my response be?  We will answer these questions, and learn how to trust and wait during trying times.

Prophecy  |  John Woods  |  RM A 26

Come learn a brief review of history up to today, with an emphasis on Israel, followed by an overview of coming events. In these sessions, we will consider time sequences, major persons, and final results. If you have any areas of Bible Prophecy you want to be discussed, please email them to John Woods. (

Come join us!

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