FBC Ladies – Regional Cookie Exchange

The FBC Ladies Regional Cookie Exchange is coming up, but some are still wondering, “What is a Cookie Exchange?”

If you search the internet, you will find many variations for cookie exchange parties.  I like Martha Stewart’s definition the best:


“Invite a (small) group of friends, and have each person make enough of one kind of cookie to share.  At the party, sample the treats, then trade and package them in appealing assortments. Everyone leaves with finished gifts …”


Here’s the skinny on Friendship’s Cookie Exchange:


To provide a casual relationship-building activity that will create future opportunities for outreach. (Come and make a new friend or bring along a friend you are in a discipling relationship with.)


  • Groups of 10 or less meet together in homes.
  • Each guest brings 4-6 dozen homemade cookies – all one kind.  (The exact number of cookies you will make depends on the number of attendees and will be confirmed in advance.)
  • Each guest takes home 4-6 dozen assorted cookies – some of each kind.
    • For those who intend to give away their cookies as an outreach effort, specialpackaging will be provided. (Containers that are large enough for 1 dozen assorted cookies, labels with FBC logo/address, ribbons, and fliers with upcoming FBC holiday events.)

What you need do:

  • Sign up at Member Services or click here to sign up.
    • There are limited spaces available at each location.  If your desired location fills up, we can offer others.
    • Please list the type of cookie you plan to bring so that there aren’t 8 varieties of chocolate chip cookies.
  • Your host will communicate with you 2 weeks prior to the exchange to confirm:
    • the type of cookie you plan to bring.
    • how many cookies you should bring.
    • how many “gift” packages you will need.
  • Make and bring the designated amount of cookies to the cookie exchange.
    • Enjoy fellowship – get acquainted with someone you don’t know, or bring someone you’re discipling for a fun change of venue!
    • Give the packages of assorted cookies to people you want to reach — meet a neighbor; bless a co-worker; reach out to your hairdresser or bank teller; use them to invite someone to one of our upcoming holiday events.

Ladies Regional cookie Exchange  |  Saturday, November 17, 2018


Written by Heather Jones, Ladies’ Ministry Director

Come join us!

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