Men’s Retreat Recap with a Unique Twist

Jun 28, 2022, News and Updates

written by Samuel Paulraj   No Power? No Problem!  While there are many unique and life-altering events in a given year, the 2022 Men’s Retreat at Camp Caraway in Sophia, NC, might take the cake as the MOST unique event of 2022! We were without power for 16 of the 19 total hours, which made […]

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Two Word Challenge for the Class of 2022

Written by Mr. Dave McClain, Head of School Two words – FEAR NOT   II Timothy 1:6 “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear….” Another School Year Comes to an Expected End Caps and Gowns. Diplomas and Speeches. Awards and Cards filled with money. Smiles and Photos. More photos. Family and Friends. God […]

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Friendship Kids Winning the Race

Written by Nate Black It All Starts with a Block of Wood Each spring, one of the big events in the Friendship Kids Club is the Grand Prix race. This is similar to the Pinewood Derby race in which Boy Scouts or AWANA clubbers compete. Each clubber starts with a block of wood, four metal […]

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A Behind the Scenes Look at “The Gardener” from Easter Sunday

May 11, 2022, News and Updates

Written by Pastor Brent Brondyke     Our Family’s Musical History The Lord began moving Debi and me (and Evan) to Friendship almost ten years ago. It was an unexpected process but has been a great blessing to our family. In our previous ministry, we, and I say “we” because the level of family involvement […]

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The Twin Causes of Error – Sermon Application #2

Jan 29, 2022, News and Updates

When the Sadducees sought to put Jesus to the test, they asked Him whose wife a woman would be in heaven if she had been married to multiple men.  They asked this because they thought that it logically disproved the resurrection─ for they denied the resurrection.  Jesus responded to them saying, “Ye do err, not […]

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Top Books I Read in 2021

Jan 21, 2022, News and Updates

Written by Pastor DeAngelo In 2021, I read precisely 50 books. I am a pastor and also a Doctor of Ministry student, so I read my share of theology (and this year, taking four classes, my balance leaned more toward theology than in previous years), but I also pursue reading a variety of content as […]

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Dec 28, 2021, News and Updates

  written by Pastor Vradenburgh George Frideric Handel’s oratorio – Messiah – is without doubt his “magnum opus”– his greatest work (and he had many). Having suffered a stroke and fighting depression, he gave what he considered his “farewell concert” in April, 1741. Then from the depths of anxiety, he rose to compose this Magnum […]

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Thanksgiving Obtains the Spirit’s Blessing – Sermon application number two

Dec 04, 2021, News and Updates

As the redeemed people of God, it is only proper for us to be filled with thanksgiving and praise to our Savior.  In the fortieth psalm, which likens our salvation to being lifted out of a “horrible pit,” the psalmist writes, “[the LORD] hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our […]

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Zoom Prayer Meetings Draw Us to God and Each Other

Oct 11, 2021, News and Updates

Almost every Saturday morning since the pandemic began, I’ve met with a handful of ladies over zoom to pray. Before we knew the term “social distancing,” these prayer times were held in person at church, which I admittedly attended very rarely. Now, with my coffee cup in hand, I slip away for 45 minutes on […]

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The Great Supper – Sermon Application #4

Sep 23, 2021, News and Updates

In the parable of the great supper (Luke 14:12-24), a feast has been prepared and all that remains is for the guests to come and enjoy the meal.  What a marvelous picture of our salvation!  Time would fail us to describe our entrance into the brightness of this glorious peace, the deepening realizations of a […]

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