From “Vacation Mode” to Kingdom Mindset: Balancing Rest and Obedience

May 26, 2023, Christian Living

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the allure of vacation mode—enjoying the change of pace, the peace, and the relaxation. The thought of returning to work, school, busyness, messiness, and the general monotonous aspects of life can easily become a dread.

But as Christians, it’s important to remember that our ultimate purpose in life is not to follow after temporary pleasures or seek comfort and relaxation.

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Jesus—The North Star

In a few weeks, thirty-eight of our students are preparing to cross the platform and receive their diplomas. As they begin their own great journey, they too will need a North Star by which to navigate successfully. Our prayer is that our students, and us too, will avoid the trap of self-navigating this life with feelings, opinions, and emotions as their guides. We pray that they will start on the right course, stay on the right course, and direct others to the right course as they live the lives God has created them for.

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A Tribute to My Godly and Wholesome Mother

May 11, 2023, Christian Living

Lola Munro Vradenburgh was a woman, a wife, and a mother. She was not superhuman. She was only 5’1″ never played basketball, never pumped iron, never went to college, never gave a speech—not even before other women. But her life spoke eloquently for itself, and her God-given inner strength passed on to her eight children.

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I’m Poorer Than I Thought

I recently had the opportunity to travel to a country in South Asia to help run a Christian teen camp. The poverty that I expected to see in that part of the country was a reality. It didn’t take very long for me to realize how many things I take for granted at home. Just as I had been told, a few days into this mission trip, I recognized how unbelievably blessed my life has been. But at the same time, the unexpected life changing experience I was having had nothing to do with how “rich” I was feeling, but rather with seeing how “poor” I truly am.

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Fear Not

Fear is an interesting emotion. Take a moment, and ask yourself about your fears. What are you afraid of? Deep down in your mind, what fears show up in your thinking over and over? Thankfully the Bible has much to say about fear. Throughout Scripture, we are encouraged to “fear not” and “be not afraid.” […]

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What Makes Good Friday Good?

We call it Good Friday, but how can death, suffering, pain, sadness, and darkness be good? Despite the somber and sorrowful events of the day, Good Friday is ultimately considered “good.” For the Christian, this day represents the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made for the whole world.

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Easter Week Scripture Reading Plan

We’ve compiled a list of Scripture readings for you to meditate on and pray over each day this week as we joyously anticipate Resurrection Sunday. Following this plan, you can focus on a different aspect of Jesus’ final days: Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, His anointing, the cleansing of the temple, the Last Supper with His closest followers, His arrest, His trial before Pilate, and His burial. Happy reading!

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10 Ways To Love Our Singles Well

Mar 30, 2023, Christian Living

Recently, our Ladies’ Bible study groups discussed some of the joys and challenges of being single in our church and offered some tips on how we all can better support and include our single members—both young and old.

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Top Books I Read in 2022

Feb 17, 2023, Christian Living

“I don’t know that I ‘cannot live without books,’ but I do love to read. And I love to read because I love to learn.” In 2022, Pastor DeAngelo set a goal to read 48 books, and, as it turned out, he read exactly 48 books. As a note, these books were not all written in 2022 (some are oldies but goodies!), but these are his favorites from what he read in 2022.

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Memorize More Scripture in 2023

Feb 03, 2023, Christian Living

Like millions of people, the end of one year and the start of a new year gives me mental energy to reflect on the previous year and to think about what I would like to accomplish in the coming one. And like millions of people, I write out resolutions for the new year (I call them dreams).

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