Four Mothers and God’s Amazing Grace

In the minds of many Christians, the most boring sections in the Bible are the genealogies.

But these genealogies are inspired.

At a quick glance, you might notice who is included in Matthew’s record—four outcast women—mothers.

That’s hardly what we would expect to find in the royal heritage of the King of kings! But the fact that these four women are included is a commentary on God’s amazing grace.

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Tracing the Threads of “The Love of God”

The well-known, well-loved gospel song, “The Love of God,” at first reading might seem to be filled with hyperbole. Descriptions of God’s love as reaching beyond the highest star or the lowest hell, outlasting earth, stretching to eternity, and requiring oceans of ink, worlds of pens and scribes, and skies of paper to begin its telling strain our rational minds.

Yet, these comparisons are not hyperbole because they are literally true…

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Help of the Helpless: O Abide with Me

In moments of profound loss and grief, we often find ourselves searching for an anchor—something to hold onto when the waves of sorrow threaten to overwhelm us. As I sat quietly in the van on the way home from a memorial service this past weekend in Atlanta, I was reminded of the timeless hymn, “Abide with Me.”

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Boldness: From Pilgrim’s Progress, to Paul, to the Practical

When you think of boldness, especially in the context of faith and sharing the gospel, what images spring to mind? Do you picture yourself as a bold person? Imagine if your life were infused with spirit-filled boldness. What exactly does that look like?

Let’s look together at some historical and biblical examples of boldness as well as some practical steps to bold witnessing.

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Sola Fide: Justification by Faith Alone

Justification is the gracious act—not a process—of God in which God declares [pronounces] righteous the sinner who believes on Jesus. This great doctrine is under attack from the most unsuspected sources—even those who outwardly espouse it.

The glorious doctrine of justification by faith is one of the fundamentals of the faith that was championed by Martin Luther and sparked the Protestant Reformation.

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What Makes Good Friday Good?

We call it Good Friday, but how can death, suffering, pain, sadness, and darkness be good? Despite the somber and sorrowful events of the day, Good Friday is ultimately considered “good.” For the Christian, this day represents the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made for the whole world.

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Easter Week Scripture Reading Plan

We’ve compiled a list of Scripture readings for you to meditate on and pray over each day this week as we joyously anticipate Resurrection Sunday. Following this plan, you can focus on a different aspect of Jesus’ final days: Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, His anointing, the cleansing of the temple, the Last Supper with His closest followers, His arrest, His trial before Pilate, and His burial. Happy reading!

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The Sufficiency of Scripture

What do we mean when we claim that the Bible is the inspired Word of God? Many would agree that the Bible is a sacred book. Many are willing to concede that, but they do not believe that it is the only sacred book. They believe that the Bible contains the words of God but is not the Word of God since they think that there are other complements to it.

But if we are not sure that we have an inerrant book in our hands, how can we be sure of the veracity of anything that we read in it?

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The Work of the Holy Spirit upon Unbelievers

written by Pastor Bob Vradenburgh, Senior Pastor Some of the most misunderstood and misapplied verses in the Bible are Jesus’ words to His disciples recorded in John 16:7-11. This passage contains an amazing promise about the future ministry of the Holy Spirit upon unbelievers (the “world”). These words must be understood in light of what […]

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Eternal Life Starts Now

While it is easy for us to find our identity in what we do, I am so thankful that earning God’s acceptance is not based on my performance, but based on the perfect performance of Jesus Christ. His love for me is not based on a job title, but based on my being His child. And as His child, I often choose temporal over eternal investments, yet God’s love for me remains the same. And I have found that the motivating desire to invest in the eternal is birthed out of the knowledge that God will accept and love me even if I fail.

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