What Makes Good Friday Good?

We call it Good Friday, but how can death, suffering, pain, sadness, and darkness be good? Despite the somber and sorrowful events of the day, Good Friday is ultimately considered “good.” For the Christian, this day represents the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made for the whole world.

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Easter Week Scripture Reading Plan

We’ve compiled a list of Scripture readings for you to meditate on and pray over each day this week as we joyously anticipate Resurrection Sunday. Following this plan, you can focus on a different aspect of Jesus’ final days: Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, His anointing, the cleansing of the temple, the Last Supper with His closest followers, His arrest, His trial before Pilate, and His burial. Happy reading!

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The Sufficiency of Scripture

Mar 02, 2023, Church Beliefs

What do we mean when we claim that the Bible is the inspired Word of God? Many would agree that the Bible is a sacred book. Many are willing to concede that, but they do not believe that it is the only sacred book. They believe that the Bible contains the words of God but is not the Word of God since they think that there are other complements to it.

But if we are not sure that we have an inerrant book in our hands, how can we be sure of the veracity of anything that we read in it?

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Music – What We Do and Why

Most people would describe our music at Friendship Baptist Church as “traditional.” That is fair and understandable but probably not totally accurate. The style of the music is fairly “traditional.” And yes, we do sing many of the time-honored, great hymns of the Christian faith, as well. However, we also sing many new songs. What […]

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Once Saved, Always Saved

In my personal witnessing over the last 20 years, I have asked scores of people the question: “Are you a born-again child of God?” Perhaps the most frequent answer that I have received is: “I WAS ONCE, but I backslid…” Which raises a most important question concerning the Bible’s teaching about salvation – Can a […]

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How to Have Your Sins Forgiven

Jesus Christ came into this world on a search-and-rescue mission.  He said of Himself, “the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10). So now the question becomes, “From what do I need to be saved?”  The answer is two-fold: From sin From Hell The angel Gabriel […]

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There are so many different views on baptism held by the various denominations, that about the only thing shared in common is the word itself. Surely this confusion is of Satan, when that which started almost 2,000 years ago as a simple, beautiful ordinance has now become cluttered with man’s traditions and reasoning. What is […]

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Our purpose is to make much of our Lord Jesus Christ and His gospel through the preaching of His Word and the making of disciples. At Friendship Baptist Church (FBC) we teach the Bible in order to facilitate spiritual growth in all of God’s people and to provide opportunities for Christian fellowship. God has graciously used Friendship to further His work both locally and across the globe since 1965.