Boldness: From Pilgrim’s Progress, to Paul, to the Practical

When you think of boldness, especially in the context of faith and sharing the gospel, what images spring to mind? Do you picture yourself as a bold person? Imagine if your life were infused with spirit-filled boldness. What exactly does that look like?

Let’s look together at some historical and biblical examples of boldness as well as some practical steps to bold witnessing.

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Great is God’s Faithfulness

Gratitude for God’s enduring faithfulness and unwavering compassion should be a central theme during Thanksgiving—reminding us to appreciate and be thankful for the good things we have. But it shouldn’t stop there.

For believers, it is our exclusive right and privilege to praise God sincerely and superlatively for His unending faithfulness.

There are four specific ways we can see how God is always and ever faithful.

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Sola Fide: Justification by Faith Alone

Justification is the gracious act—not a process—of God in which God declares [pronounces] righteous the sinner who believes on Jesus. This great doctrine is under attack from the most unsuspected sources—even those who outwardly espouse it.

The glorious doctrine of justification by faith is one of the fundamentals of the faith that was championed by Martin Luther and sparked the Protestant Reformation.

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Fear Not

Fear is an interesting emotion. Take a moment, and ask yourself about your fears. What are you afraid of? Deep down in your mind, what fears show up in your thinking over and over? Thankfully the Bible has much to say about fear. Throughout Scripture, we are encouraged to “fear not” and “be not afraid.” […]

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The Sufficiency of Scripture

What do we mean when we claim that the Bible is the inspired Word of God? Many would agree that the Bible is a sacred book. Many are willing to concede that, but they do not believe that it is the only sacred book. They believe that the Bible contains the words of God but is not the Word of God since they think that there are other complements to it.

But if we are not sure that we have an inerrant book in our hands, how can we be sure of the veracity of anything that we read in it?

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Cultivating the Gratitude Attitude

Many want peace, but they fail to see how their pride and ingratitude rob them of that very peace. By nature, we are not thankful people. That’s why we need to honestly examine the Scriptures to learn how to cultivate the “gratitude attitude.”

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Seven Questions to Ask Yourself in Making Decisions

given by Pastor Vradenburgh In a recent message, “Ways in Which God Proves Us,” Pastor shared seven important questions we can ask ourselves. Prayerfully consider these scriptural guidelines as you make decisions. #1 Will it glorify God? Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God. (1 […]

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The Twin Causes of Error – Sermon Application #2

Jan 29, 2022, Sermon Applications

When the Sadducees sought to put Jesus to the test, they asked Him whose wife a woman would be in heaven if she had been married to multiple men. They asked this because they thought that it logically disproved the resurrection─for they denied the resurrection. Jesus responded to them saying, “Ye do err, not knowing the […]

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The Twin Causes of Error – Sermon Application #1

Jan 28, 2022, Sermon Applications

There are many people who claim to be Bible-believers in our day, but among these there are countless souls who have relied on human reason and have ended up espousing unscriptural errors.  We can see a biblical example of this kind of error in Matthew 22:29 where the Sadducees used human reason to deny the […]

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Jesus and Corporate Prayer Pt. 2

Jan 16, 2022, Sermon Applications

No man is an island, and no Christian who willfully neglects corporate prayer can thrive as God intends. God has made the people of His church mutually dependent─and this in such a way that unity among God’s people in corporate prayer opens the door to fresh spiritual blessing. This is God’s intention for His church, and we must unite to pursue it if we are to have spiritual success.

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