Snowflakes and Life’s Lessons: Embracing God’s Plans

written by Debbie Milton

I really like snow! Yes, I do! 

Well, actually I like snow as long as I get to enjoy it from the warmth of the indoors!

And, okay, I like snow if it’s not on the roads when I have to drive somewhere.

And, oh yes, I like the bright, white snow and not the slushy, dirty, messy snow that has been run over by lots of cars and trucks. 

But I really like snow! Yes, I do! 

If you’re catching my message here, it comes down to this:

I like snow when I like it, where I like it, and how I like it.

Otherwise, obviously, not so much! 

As I contemplated this reality, I recognized that this is often the same attitude that I have when I approach what God sends me in my life.

I prefer to have the blessing of God, not His pruning.

I want to see His hand at work in my behalf through the good things He sends, not the trials.

I would rather learn of His love than of His consolation, know His grace more than His chastening, or experience His goodness more than His comfort. 

I want to watch victories, not losses.

I want to hear the sound of laughter, not crying.

I’d rather rejoice with those who rejoice than to weep with those who weep. 

But that is not always God’s plan.

I know that in this life we endure trials, sufferings, and loss, and yet, we have a loving God Whose ear is listening (Psalm 34:15), Whose hand is stretched forth, and Whose heart is touched with the feelings of our infirmities (Hebrews 4:15). 

What a GREAT GOD we serve!

He loved us when we were unlovely (Romans 5:8), and He will accomplish His purpose in us as we seek His face every day (Philippians 1:6). In every difficulty, we know that He has gone before, and there is never a reason to doubt the sufficiency of God or to think that there is anything that “out-powers His omnipotence.” 

While I’d rather build the snowman than to shovel the snow away,

I trust that God’s way is perfect! 

Come join us!

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