Bloom Where You’re Planted: Lessons from the Dandelion

written by Debbie Milton

Every garden must have yellow flowers, because they are my favorite—




Black-eyed Susans


And I happen to like dandelions as well!

I know that I’m one of the very few who does, because most people are interested in a well-groomed lawn rather than the yellow polka-dots of these flowers in the grass.

To many, dandelions are nothing more than weeds to be eradicated, even though they are a member of the daisy family!

But do you realize that dandelion is an herb, that every part of the plant is edible, (cooked, roasted, or raw), and that it is also used for medicinal purposes? Wow!

I once heard a veteran missionary say that he’d like to be thought of as a “Dandelion Christian”—adaptive, reproductive, and unstoppable.


Dandelions grow anywhere and everywhere. No matter the soil, water, or weather conditions, they thrive wherever they are.


When the golden yellow flowers go to seed, they are driven by the wind to settle and replace themselves, tenfold at least.


Because dandelions are a perennial plant, they will return year after year to do their magic. No matter how much herbicide is used, it must be reapplied that next spring.

Yes, I think I would like to be a “Dandelion Christian” as well.

I want to be adaptive—content in whatever circumstances I find myself (Philippians 4:11).

I want to be reproductive—spreading the good news of salvation through Christ alone (Mark 16:15).

I want to be unstoppablepressing toward the mark as long as there is breath and life in my body (Philippians 3:14).

So, bring on the dandelions. 🌼

I’ll be ordering my seeds soon, starting at just $1.99!

How about you?

Come join us!

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