Moments that Matter: FBC Ladies Adorning the Gospel Together

After Becky Reece attended the Friendship ladies retreat last summer, followed by the Bible study “Adorned” which encourages women to purposefully invest in others’ lives, an idea was born. She set out to open her home twice a month to ladies of Friendship, from young moms to seasoned grandmas, to offer a place of fun and fellowship.

“It’s all about being real,” said Becky, a youthful grandmother of 10, who is also raising her middle-school granddaughter. “We believe the Lord will direct our hearts as we go along. We want to make our moments together matter.”

The setting is casual – it’s not a book club, a Bible study, or a prayer meeting. But conversation often leads to spiritual matters, what was taught in church, and prayer requests.

All it took was the promise of coffee and conversation, and a place for the kids to play, for moms to eagerly say “yes!” It didn’t matter that the air conditioning was on the fritz one particularly warm day – women came! Sometimes motherhood can seem isolating, and it’s nice to meet with other women who are in the throes of sleep training, food battles, and in need of adult conversation. Encouragement and extra hands to help with active children (most often babies through preschoolers) are always available during Moments that Matter – and usually snacks, too.

“We love being able to come as we are and chat, listen to life stories, glean some wisdom, and laugh,” said Michelle Hamann, a mom of two (ages four and one). “It’s a great way to meet new people and strengthen current relationships, even people outside our peer group. It has given opportunities for us to make connections that hadn’t been there before. Plus, our kids are growing to know and love Becky – it’s sweet to see them at church together.”

Becky said that punctuality is not important, and due to its ongoing nature, ladies have the flexibility to choose when it’s convenient for them to come. “Sit, talk, relax – except for the occasional toddler emergency,” she added jokingly.

Another part of Becky’s heart is to include older ladies from the church who can share their lives and lend their wisdom simply through conversation. These mornings prove to be mutually beneficial: rejuvenating seasoned ladies and providing insight to young mothers from those who’ve been there. It’s a perfect setting for moms across generations to live life together: adorning the Gospel around the table, casually but intentionally.

Becky opens her home (located in North Raleigh) typically on the first Wednesday and second Thursday of each month. They plan to meet through May, take a summer break, then begin again in the fall. If you’d like to join, contact Becky by text or phone at 919-368- 3174. No sign up is needed – just touch base with her the evening before or that morning to make sure the play date is still on schedule. Come with an open heart and an expectation to be blessed – you may even get a taste of Becky’s homemade goodies!


Written by Erica Baldwin, FBC church member

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