Thanking God for America and a Timely Reminder about Socialism

Guest Post by Missionary Edgar Feghaly
(used with permission)

America is by far the greatest country on earth today. The freedom found in America is so unique that the whole world envies this country. If the United States opened its borders, the whole world would merge, including the Europeans, Russians, and Chinese.

On my mission field, those in Africa and the Middle East look at America as paradise on the earth. What makes America so great and unique?

The answer is:

  • Freedom to express ourselves without fear.
  • A constitution that protects the American citizens.
  • A mighty military that is feared by everyone.

Our constitution is the only one built on Judaeo-Christian principles. We are the greatest mission-sending country, giving more in humanitarian aid and showing more mercy than any other country. The American people are the hardest working and most productive in the world.

Yet many in America want to change what is a successful system and economy and implement socialism. Young people who are cheering the idea do not understand what they are asking for
because, throughout the decades, Americans have lived comfortably. They have never experienced a dictatorship, nor have they experienced freedoms stolen from them.

What does socialism involve? In socialism, the largest employer of people would be the government. The government takes people’s money through taxes and then hires them. It sponsors, supervises, and controls education, TV networks, the movie industry, and healthcare. Even though socialism promotes the idea of one class and equality for all, every socialistic system has a ruling class separate from the rest of the people. Eventually, for the ruling class to sustain its power, they use the military and secret police.

Doctors, university professors, and lawyers are all paid by the government. Therefore, with time, doctors become less efficient and treat fewer people because whether they treat 10 or 100, they
are paid the same. You have to pay government employees under the table if you need to get anything done. If a patient dies, it’s no big deal. The family cannot sue the doctor.

People become less ambitious and innovative and try to steal other’s innovations (as we see in China or Russia), then immigrate because there is no incentive to invent their own or improve on what they have. School teachers have secure jobs, so they do not worry about teaching quality education.

Many who promote socialism say they want to produce a system like Europe. If the European system is doing so well, why do we see many Europeans wishing to immigrate to America, but we do not see Americans wanting to move to Europe?

Eventually, every socialistic society becomes a police state. Even the European system today is collapsing, and the significance of that continent is marginalized. Europe today is heading toward collapse due to a reduction in birthrates and insufficient funds to pay for healthcare. The reason for the reduction in the rate of births is high taxes. Everyone has to work so hard that they cannot care for their babies.

I have seen socialism. I have seen the rise of socialism in many countries. I have seen how excited people felt at the beginning. I also have seen the fall and what happened to those who promoted socialism.

After visiting America in 1831, French writer Alexis de Tocqueville said that he sought the greatness of the United States and found it in her pulpits.

We as Christians must return to being active and developing the courage to promote the true gospel, which led America to become great.

Come join us!

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