Jim Bovard

“My father was the director of a mission board, he led me to the Lord at the age of six. I went on many mission trips with my parents and was taught that you are either a missionary or you are a mission field. I always knew that I would be in full-time Christian service, […]

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Pastor Brent Brondyke

“I was raised in a committed Christian home in beautiful Grand Haven, MI, a small town on the shores of Lake Michigan. My parents both served faithfully in our small Baptist church and had our family there ‘every time the doors were opened.’ I made a profession of faith at an early age. But, dealing […]

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Pastor Bob DeAngelo

“I grew up in a Christian home in the Chicago area. Through that time, due to being exposed to a variety of ideas about what Christianity really was and how a person became right with God, I was pretty confused about where God and I stood. I knew that He loved me and that Jesus […]

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Kelly DeAngelo

“I came to know Christ as my personal Savior when I was in high school after learning of and accepting the simple gift of salvation found in Jesus Christ alone. I knew at that point, something was different. I experienced the truth of 2 Corinthians 5:17 in that the “old things passed away and all […]

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Pastor Gustavo Diaz

“A la edad de siete años, en la escuela dominical, mientras la maestra presentaba el evangelio a través de la Palabra de Dios, Cristo me llamó a salvación. A partir de ese momento, toda mi vida he estado sirviéndole. Yo nací y crecí en San José, Costa Rica; y fue en este lugar donde Dios me preparó […]

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Nancy Geddings

“I was raised in church, faithfully attending Sunday School and services.  Though I attended a Lutheran college, was a youth group leader, and taught in a Lutheran school, I had not trusted Christ as my personal Savior.  It was only after I met my husband and started attending and participating in a Baptist church about […]

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Heather Jones

“From a young age, I was taught the importance of humble and faithful service as I watched my parents in our small church in Peekskill, New York. At the age of six, I prayed with my Junior church teacher. I don’t remember much about that prayer, but I do remember spending the next fifteen years […]

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David McClain

“I was raised in a Christian home but did not accept Christ as my personal Savior until I was nine. While traveling to a friend’s house in a snowstorm, we ran off the road and were stranded for some hours. This is when the concepts of death and an eternity in hell for my sins […]

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Pastor Jan Milton

Dr. Jan Milton graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 1975.  He also holds a degree as a paralegal.  His efforts have led him to further graduate work, and he has achieved academic recognition, holding an honorary doctorate. After graduation, he worked as youth pastor, assistant pastor, church computer specialist, school administrator and teacher, college lecturer […]

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Pastor Eddie Peterson

“I was raised in Rocky Mount, NC, by parents who took me to church on a regular basis. At age eleven I trusted Christ as my Savior. During my formative years, I was elected president of my teen group at Falls Road Baptist Church. While serving in this capacity under the direction of my pastor […]

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Our purpose is to make much of our Lord Jesus Christ and His gospel through the preaching of His Word and the making of disciples. At Friendship Baptist Church (FBC) we teach the Bible in order to facilitate spiritual growth in all of God’s people and to provide opportunities for Christian fellowship. God has graciously used Friendship to further His work both locally and across the globe since 1965.