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Lessons from My Garden: The Power of Pruning

Mar 06, 2024, Christian Living

Spring has sprung!

Well, almost. Technically, it’s still winter.

But, in my yard, the daffodils are nodding their cheerful heads, and the peach tree is about to burst into a glorious froth of pink blossom. So, like any good gardener, I grab my clippers and head out to prune…and weed and fertilize and transplant…

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The Meaning of Home

Home is a powerful word. Over 1,000 movie titles have the word “home” in them, and home is a central, emotional motif of much literature and art in general.

Whether you’ve gone away to war, college, or vacation, coming home just feels special.

Scripture gives us a few examples of homecomings…

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Tracing the Threads of “The Love of God”

The well-known, well-loved gospel song, “The Love of God,” at first reading might seem to be filled with hyperbole. Descriptions of God’s love as reaching beyond the highest star or the lowest hell, outlasting earth, stretching to eternity, and requiring oceans of ink, worlds of pens and scribes, and skies of paper to begin its telling strain our rational minds.

Yet, these comparisons are not hyperbole because they are literally true…

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Our Good Good Shepherd

Feb 07, 2024, Christian Living

When I was twelve years old, I attended the funeral for my 5-year-old cousin, Ronda, who had died of cancer. As difficult as that time was, it did not compare with the loss of both parents just three weeks apart last spring. I had a living hope that this separation was only temporary, and I would see them again. I claimed many promises from Scripture to sustain me, but I still sorrowed because my heart was broken.

And I let the sorrow overtake me…

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Help of the Helpless: O Abide with Me

In moments of profound loss and grief, we often find ourselves searching for an anchor—something to hold onto when the waves of sorrow threaten to overwhelm us. As I sat quietly in the van on the way home from a memorial service this past weekend in Atlanta, I was reminded of the timeless hymn, “Abide with Me.”

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Boldness: From Pilgrim’s Progress, to Paul, to the Practical

When you think of boldness, especially in the context of faith and sharing the gospel, what images spring to mind? Do you picture yourself as a bold person? Imagine if your life were infused with spirit-filled boldness. What exactly does that look like?

Let’s look together at some historical and biblical examples of boldness as well as some practical steps to bold witnessing.

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Christmas Bells—A Message of Hope

Much of the world’s greatest hymnody and poetry has been more therapeutic for the writer who penned the words than for those who continue to read them decades later. Such is the case with the famous poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and his classic Christmas carol “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day,” originally titled “Christmas Bells.” In the depths of his unimaginable grief, Longfellow’s pen etched a journey from personal despair to resolute hope.

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