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Welcome to the Friendship Baptist Church (FBC) blog! Here, you will find up-to-date posts on our latest church news, interesting articles related to the Christian faith, explanations of common key doctrinal questions, and more. Be sure to check back with us regularly to see our very latest posts!

A Good Year for Reading

Jan 08, 2019, News and Updates

Written by: Bob DeAngelo, Pastor of Youth and Outreach I don’t know that I love to read…but I do know that I love to learn. I get absolutely giddy at the thought of opening my mind up to new ways of thinking, differing perspectives, and thoughts that I had not previously considered. In fact, the […]

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Christmas Program

Dec 12, 2018, News and Updates

On Sunday evening, Dec. 16 at 6:30 pm the choir, orchestra, junior choir, and accompanists of Friendship Baptist Church will present the Christmas musical, “Lord of Glory” by renowned composer \ Dan Forrest. This is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the incarnation of Christ with family and friends. It is also a wonderful time to […]

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Faces of Friendship: Kathy Waters – An Unlikely but Willing Servant

Dec 05, 2018, News and Updates

Kathy Waters’s operatic soprano voice sends a hush over the congregation when she approaches the podium to sing. She bathes her song choices in prayer, saying “He knows” what people need when they are ministered to in song. “I don’t like to perform,” Kathy explained. “But to minister is a different thing altogether.” In addition to […]

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Leaving a Mark

Nov 27, 2018, News and Updates

Okay, I’ll admit it, this is by far one of my favorite times of the year. Football games that start to really matter, basketball season begins, cool weather blows in, Thanksgiving with family, Christmas music starts, and just the whole thing – except cider – I can’t stand cider, but one of my favorite parts […]

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Hey, What’s Your Story?

Nov 15, 2018, News and Updates

Recently, our church enjoyed a day with Jeff Diedrich. Jeff is a pastor in Pennsylvania. One of his main ministry responsibilities for his church is discipleship coordination and over-sight. It was a great day of being challenged and reminded about God’s task for us, making disciples. As a theme for our “Grow Day,” this was […]

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The Work of the Holy Spirit upon Unbelievers

Oct 31, 2018, News and Updates

Some of the most misunderstood and misapplied verses in the Bible are Jesus’ words to His disciples recorded in John 16:7-11. This passage contains an amazing promise about the future ministry of the Holy Spirit upon unbelievers (the “world”). These words must be understood in light of what Jesus had just said in 14:17. “Even […]

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Disciple Making…It Helps to Know Where You’re Going!

Oct 23, 2018, News and Updates

I love Google Maps. You simply take your phone, type in where you want to go, and the app guides you step by step in how to get there! The only requirement for it to work…is that you must know where you are going. At Friendship Baptist Church over the last year, we have prayerfully […]

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FBC Ladies – Regional Cookie Exchange

Oct 17, 2018, News and Updates

The FBC Ladies Regional Cookie Exchange is coming up, but some are still wondering, “What is a Cookie Exchange?” If you search the internet, you will find many variations for cookie exchange parties.  I like Martha Stewart’s definition the best:   “Invite a (small) group of friends, and have each person make enough of one kind of cookie […]

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How Uber Has Shown Me Christ

Oct 02, 2018, News and Updates

“Did you see the latest school shooting? My grandson just started middle-school and it scares me to death. How do we stop this stuff? What’s the answer?” This was the conversation a retired army veteran and proud grandfather wanted to have with me after hearing that I was a part-time teacher. It only took about […]

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Dropping a Rock in the Shoe of a Jehovah’s Witness

Sep 25, 2018, News and Updates

It was a Saturday morning this past summer. I had just put on my running gear for a three and a half mile run and stepped out the front door, when I saw them – a grown man, a middle school-ish aged young man, and a young girl. They were all dressed nicely, and they […]

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