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Welcome to the Friendship Baptist Church (FBC) blog! Here, you will find up-to-date posts on our latest church news, interesting articles related to the Christian faith, explanations of common key doctrinal questions, and more. Be sure to check back with us regularly to see our very latest posts!

Moments that Matter: FBC Ladies Adorning the Gospel Together

Feb 15, 2018, News and Updates

After Becky Reece attended the Friendship ladies retreat last summer, followed by the Bible study “Adorned” which encourages women to purposefully invest in others’ lives, an idea was born. She set out to open her home twice a month to ladies of Friendship, from young moms to seasoned grandmas, to offer a place of fun […]

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Missions Conference Preview

Jan 29, 2018, News and Updates

Missions Conference is one of the highlights of the year at Friendship Baptist Church, and it is quickly approaching! Missions Conference will be slightly different this year. You will find several ways to participate listed below: Pray That the Lord will be glorified through the week of the conference and that it will be a […]

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Eternal Life Starts Now

“There are only two things in this life that are eternal: the Word of God and the souls of men.” A passionate camp evangelist repeated this phrase over and over again urging the audience to consider an investment. “Do you want your life to be significant? Invest in those two things.” As I sat there […]

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Music – What We Do and Why

Most people would describe our music at Friendship Baptist Church as “traditional.” That is fair and understandable but probably not totally accurate. The style of the music is fairly “traditional.” And yes, we do sing many of the time-honored, great hymns of the Christian faith, as well. However, we also sing many new songs. What […]

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Ladies’ Bible Study Preview

Whether you’re a veteran Bible study attendee or someone who has been pretty sure that a ladies’ Bible study isn’t really your “thing,” you probably have some clear associations with the whole idea that either pull you in or push you away. As we prepare for our winter ladies’ Bible studies, we want to give […]

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2017: A Good Year…for Reading!

For me, 2017 was a banner year when it came to reading.  All said and done, I read more this year than any other year in times past.  As they say, “Readers are leaders.”  This is a good time of year to set goals for the upcoming year, and so here are the top books […]

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Christmas Musical “A Tapestry of Light”

On Sunday evening, December 17, our Adult choir, MS choir, and Junior choir, along with our orchestra of nearly 25 players presented Joseph Martin’s “A Tapestry of Light.” The service was a beautiful telling of not only the story of Christ’s birth, but more importantly the significance of His coming. The theme of the program, […]

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Once Saved, Always Saved

In my personal witnessing over the last 20 years, I have asked scores of people the question: “Are you a born-again child of God?” Perhaps the most frequent answer that I have received is: “I WAS ONCE, but I backslid…” Which raises a most important question concerning the Bible’s teaching about salvation – Can a […]

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How to Have Your Sins Forgiven

Jesus Christ came into this world on a search-and-rescue mission.  He said of Himself, “the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10). So now the question becomes, “From what do I need to be saved?”  The answer is two-fold: From sin From Hell The angel Gabriel […]

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There are so many different views on baptism held by the various denominations, that about the only thing shared in common is the word itself. Surely this confusion is of Satan, when that which started almost 2,000 years ago as a simple, beautiful ordinance has now become cluttered with man’s traditions and reasoning. What is […]

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